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Innova Halo Mako3 Hailey King Tour Series

Innova Halo Mako3 Hailey King Tour Series

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The Innova Halo Star Mako3 is Hailey King's first signature disc since switching to Innova! 

Halo plastic discs are more overstable than traditional Star, so these are probably closer to a 1 fade rating instead of 0. 

The Innova Mako3 is a deep-rimmed straight flying midrange that will hold any line you put it on. The Mako3 was made for lower ceiling wooded shots and can glide a long way without fading much at the end.

If you have larger hands or love the feel of deep-rimmed discs then the Mako 3 is going to quickly become your favorite midrange.

This midrange is a perfect disc for beginners - it accentuates any bad habits and makes it incredibly easy to notice and correct your form and release angles. The Mako3 is the perfect choice for any straight flying shots that are under 300 feet, so add one to your bag today!

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